At H(OM)e Practice

Welcome to my new video section!  Cultivating an at home practice is so, so beneficial, not only because it makes it easier to get to your mat when you can't get to a class, but also because it gives us the freedom and opportunity to practice on our own, following our own rhythm and tapping into a deeper part of our own personal practice.  I hope this section will encourage you to roll out your mat at home and and take some quiet moments to yourself. You can request sequences made especially for you in the Contact section or on my Facebook page. Enjoy! xx

This is a great way to release tension in the shoulders, chest, and hips...the three most common victims of a desk bound day. It's also a great way to cultivate more happiness and creativity, and who doesn't want that?! Think of your body language when you're unhappy, stressed, tired, or even just cold (as we have been for so long now!)...the picture that comes to mind is usually of our shoulders hunching in, shielding the heart. When we do the opposite, not only do we relieve the physical manifestations of those emotions in our body...we seriously improve our mood and leave ourselves more open to receive JOY.
This is an intermediate sequence that builds heat and targets your entire lower body. Balancing strength and length, this sequence is a great add-on to a run or any other conditioning, but can also serve as your day's workout when you only have ten minutes to spare. Enjoy!