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I first came to yoga (as most of us do) as an absolute beginner.  Years of pounding the NYC pavement in my running shoes (and 4 inch heels for that matter), had left me exhausted and feeling older than I should in a young healthy body.  I heard from a friend that yoga could be a great compliment for runners, so in the midst of training for a 10k I decided to give it a go. I couldn't imagine then how much that initial decision would be directing my path now.  The more I found ease, awareness, self acceptance, patience, and calm on the mat, the more those attributes began to take root in my life off the mat...even in the midst of Madhattan!  I found my joy, and it lead me to leave my career in the arts in pursuit my passion for yoga full time as both a perpetual student and teacher.

I teach from an understanding that how we fight our battles on the mat, directly correlates to how we fight our battles off the mat.  How do we react to intensity?  Are we listening? Can we forgive ourselves? Are we practicing from where we are, not where we think we should be? Are we being kind? Patient? Loving?  My goal as a teacher is to provide students with the tools they need not just to survive the game of life (or a class!), but to move through it joyfully, with the same ease they find on the mat.   

When I'm not teaching, reading nerdy yoga books, or attending classes you can usually find me messing up my kitchen, around a table with family and friends, or pursuing my latest and greatest creative outlet (currently, sewing!).  My yoga practice changes daily whether it's remaining present while I play with my adorable twin nephews, staying calm when I haven't quite timed a meal correctly, or simply remembering to breath.  Pursuing joy, is my yoga (and coincidently my middle name), and teaching is my opportunity to share the joy.